Are you a law student and wish to excel?

With a number of law schools both private and government coming into existence, more students are preferring to opt for law in recent times. However, once they enter law school, it has been found that they are often lost as to how to go about structuring their academic career to have a good resume. 

What things should be done for the perfect resume, which journal is the best to publish, what kind of publication matters to the interviewer, which legal novels to read, which books are good for a particular subject and for competitive examination, whether to participate in moot court or debating competition, what is the best time to start internships and where to apply for the same, and which career option will go good for a particular individual all these questions cloud their mind with very less correct guidance or any answers.

Why should you join?

Law Mentoring will provide the students with all the right answers through the law school mentoring programme. It will be with you to sail through the 5 years law school journey and see that you can maximize your potential and become the person you choose to be; whether you be a Lawyer, a Judge, an Academician, a Legal Entrepreneur or a Good Research Scholar. 

With our Mentor, Mr. Pallab Das’ vast experience in different field of law will help the students to decide the right career path and we will also nurture the students to become a strong candidate for the interviewer. We will also see that a student utilizes his/her 5 years in the best possible way becoming a confident person having a good personality and resume.

Standard Package

  • Two sessions of 40 minutes each.
  • One to One online guidance.
  • Guidance on how to utilize your 5 years at law school. 
  • Guidance on drafting Internship Applications & Cover Letters.
  • Guidance on choosing the Best Legal Career for yourself.
  • Guidance on Publications and Research Skills.
  • Guidance on Law school related co-curricular activities like Moots, Debates, ADRs, Essay Competitions etc.

Add-on Package

  • Each session of 40 minutes.
  • Can be availed after enrolling for the Standard Package.
  • Available anytime throughout the year.
  • Personalized plan and review. 
  • Minimum two sessions to be availed to opt for this plan.